NW Force 7 to 8 wind valid for next Wednesday NW Force 7 to 8 wind valid for next Wednesday

History of MW Readings

12 Sep 2023

Malta’s rich history is not confined to its cultural heritage alone; it also extends to the meticulous recording of its weather patterns. The history of weather readings in Malta dates back centuries, reflecting the island’s enduring fascination with meteorological observations. Early records of weather data in Malta can be traced to the meticulous observations conducted by British meteorologists during the island’s colonial era. These observations, which commenced in the mid-19th century, laid the foundation for a robust system of recording weather conditions.

In the modern era, Malta’s commitment to accurate weather readings led to the establishment of dedicated meteorological stations, equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and technology. These stations continually collect data on temperature, humidity, wind speed, precipitation, and other crucial parameters. This wealth of historical and contemporary weather data serves as the backbone of, enabling us to provide our visitors with reliable, up-to-date forecasts and insights.

Our website is a testament to the island’s enduring interest in understanding its climate and helping both residents and travelers make informed decisions. As we combine the wisdom of the past with the tools of the present, remains committed to offering the most accurate and valuable weather information for Malta and its surrounding areas

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