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Weather Vocabulary in Maltese


23 Jun 2024

Exploring Weather-Related Vocabulary in the Maltese Language

Understanding the local weather is essential for any traveler, and learning a few weather-related terms in Maltese can enhance your experience while visiting Malta. Whether you’re planning a trip or just interested in expanding your linguistic skills, this guide will introduce you to basic weather vocabulary in Maltese. Let’s dive into some essential terms and phrases!

Common Weather Terms

  1. WeatherTemp
  • “Kif inhu t-temp?” (How is the weather?)
  • 2 . TemperatureTemperatura
    • “X’inhi t-temperatura llum?” (What is the temperature today?)

    3 . HotSħun

      • “Illum hu sħun.” (Today is hot.)

      4 . ColdKesħin

        • “Illum hu kesħin.” (Today is cold.)

        5 . WarmSħun ħafif

          • “Għada se jkun sħun ħafif.” (Tomorrow will be warm.)

          6 . CoolFrisk

            • “L-arja hija frisk.” (The air is cool.)

            7 . SunXemx

              • “Xemx hija qawwija.” (The sun is strong.)

              8 . SunnyXemxi

                • “It-temp huwa xemxi.” (The weather is sunny.)

                9 . CloudSħaba

                  • “Hemm ħafna sħab.” (There are many clouds.)

                  10 . CloudySħab

                  • “Is-sema hija sħab.” (The sky is cloudy.)

                  11 . RainXita

                  • “Qed tagħmel xita.” (It is raining.)

                  12 . RainyJixxetta

                  • “Illum huwa jixxetta.” (Today is rainy.)

                  13 . WindRiħ

                  • “Ir-riħ huwa qawwi.” (The wind is strong.)

                  14 . WindyIrjiħat

                  • “Illum huwa irjiħat.” (Today is windy.)

                  15 . StormMaltempata

                  • “Hemm maltempata ġejja.” (There is a storm coming.)

                  16 . StormyMaltempiż

                  • “Il-baħar huwa maltempiż.” (The sea is stormy.)

                  17 . SnowBorra

                  • “Borra hija rari f’Malta.” (Snow is rare in Malta.)

                  18 . SnowyBorra fuq l-art

                  • “Illum huwa borra fuq l-art.” (Today it is snowy.)

                  19 . FogĊpar

                  • “Hemm ċpar filgħodu.” (There is fog in the morning.)

                  20 . FoggyIċpar

                  • “It-triq hija iċpar.” (The road is foggy.)

                  21 . HumidityUmdità

                  • “L-umdità hija għolja.” (The humidity is high.)

                  22 . HumidMimdud

                  • “It-temp huwa mimdud.” (The weather is humid.)

                    Useful Phrases

                    1. What is the weather like?Kif inhu t-temp?
                    2. The weather is nice.It-temp huwa sabiħ.
                    3. It is hot today.Illum hu sħun.
                    4. It is cold today.Illum hu kesħin.
                    5. It is sunny.Huwa xemxi.
                    6. It is raining.Qed tagħmel xita.
                    7. It is windy.Huwa irjiħat.
                    8. It is cloudy.Huwa sħab.
                    9. It is foggy.Huwa iċpar.
                    10. It might rain later.Jista’ jkun li aktar tard jixxetta.

                    Days of the Week

                    1. MondayIt-Tnejn
                    2. TuesdayIt-Tlieta
                    3. WednesdayL-Erbgħa
                    4. ThursdayIl-Ħamis
                    5. FridayIl-Ġimgħa
                    6. SaturdayIs-Sibt
                    7. SundayIl-Ħadd

                    Example Sentences

                    1. Tomorrow will be sunny.Għada se jkun xemxi.
                    2. It was raining yesterday.Ilbieraħ kienet qed tagħmel xita.
                    3. The wind is strong today.Ir-riħ huwa qawwi illum.
                    4. Next week will be warm.Il-ġimgħa d-dieħla se tkun sħun ħafif.
                    5. There is a storm coming.Hemm maltempata ġejja.

                    Understanding Weather Reports in Maltese

                    When listening to or reading weather reports in Maltese, these terms will help you grasp the forecast more easily. For instance:

                    • Ilbieraħ (yesterday) and llum (today) are often used in weather updates.
                    • Għada (tomorrow) is crucial for planning your activities based on the weather forecast.
                    • Phrases like t-temperatura se tkun (the temperature will be) followed by a number can help you understand temperature predictions.

                    Mastering these basic weather-related terms and phrases in Maltese can make your interactions more enjoyable and meaningful during your visit to Malta. Whether you’re checking the forecast, chatting with locals, or just want to understand the environment better, this vocabulary will be incredibly useful. Safe travels and enjoy the beautiful Maltese weather!

                    Feel free to practice these phrases and share your experiences with learning Maltese in the comments below. Happy exploring!


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