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Weather-Inspired Art and Music


16 Jun 2024

Showcasing Local Artists and Musicians Inspired by Malta’s Weather and Landscapes

Malta’s stunning landscapes and distinctive weather patterns have long been a source of inspiration for local artists and musicians. The island’s natural beauty, from its azure seas and rugged cliffs to its golden limestone architecture, provides a rich tapestry for creative expression. Here, we highlight some of the most talented Maltese artists and musicians whose work beautifully captures the essence of Malta’s environment.

Visual Artists

  1. Anna Galea
  • Medium: Watercolour and Oils
  • Inspiration: Anna Galea’s work often reflects the vibrant colours and dynamic moods of Malta’s coastal and rural landscapes. Her watercolours capture the play of light on the Mediterranean Sea and the golden hues of the island’s limestone structures.
  • Notable Works: “Maltese Seascape” and “Golden Limestone.”

2 . Joseph Barbara

    • Medium: Mixed Media
    • Inspiration: Barbara’s mixed media artworks are deeply influenced by the textures and forms of Malta’s natural and built environment. His abstract representations evoke the weathered beauty of old Maltese towns and the interplay of light and shadow in the island’s landscapes.
    • Notable Works: “Urban Textures” and “Malta in Abstract.”

    3 . Anton Agius

      • Medium: Sculpture
      • Inspiration: Renowned for his expressive sculptures, Anton Agius captures the rugged beauty of Malta’s natural landscapes. His works often incorporate elements of the island’s geology and historical architecture, emphasizing the relationship between the natural environment and human heritage.
      • Notable Works: “The Limestone Series” and “Wind and Stone.”


      1. Toby Farrugia
      • Genre: Electronic/Ambient
      • Inspiration: Toby Farrugia’s music draws heavily from the sounds of nature and the atmospheric qualities of Malta’s weather. His compositions often feature field recordings of the sea, wind, and local wildlife, creating immersive soundscapes that evoke the island’s serene and dramatic moods.
      • Notable Tracks: “Maltese Breeze” and “Mediterranean Echoes.”

      2 . Claudia Faniello

        • Genre: Pop/Rock
        • Inspiration: Claudia Faniello’s songs frequently reflect the themes of island life, drawing on the emotional and sensory experiences of living in Malta. Her lyrics and melodies capture the warmth and passion of Maltese summers as well as the reflective tranquility of the island’s quieter seasons.
        • Notable Songs: “La Notte” and “One Fine Day.”

        3 . Walter Micallef

          • Genre: Folk
          • Inspiration: A staple in Maltese folk music, Walter Micallef’s work is deeply rooted in the cultural and natural landscape of Malta. His songs often tell stories of the island’s history, its people, and the changing seasons, blending traditional Maltese sounds with contemporary folk influences.
          • Notable Songs: “Ġenna ta’ Malta” and “Nhar it-Tieġ.”


          1. Daniel Cilia
          • Medium: Photography
          • Inspiration: Daniel Cilia’s photography captures the dramatic and serene aspects of Malta’s landscapes and weather. His keen eye for detail and composition highlights the island’s unique beauty, from stormy seas to sunlit alleys.
          • Notable Works: “Malta Through My Lens” and “Timeless Beauty.”

          2 . Kevin Casha

            • Medium: Photography
            • Inspiration: Kevin Casha’s work often focuses on the interplay between natural light and Malta’s architectural heritage. His photographs emphasize the island’s historic charm and the ever-changing skies that frame its landscapes.
            • Notable Works: “Malta’s Light” and “Shadows of the Past.”

            By showcasing these talented individuals, you not only celebrate Malta’s rich cultural heritage but also inspire a deeper appreciation for the island’s natural beauty and the creative minds it nurtures.


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