Storm Watching Hotspots


13 May 2024

Chasing Storms: The Best Spots to Witness Dramatic Weather in Malta

There’s a primal thrill in witnessing the clash of nature’s elements, especially when it unfolds against the stunning backdrop of Malta’s landscape. From towering cliffs to tranquil harbors, Malta offers an array of vantage points for observing the drama of a storm brewing over the Mediterranean Sea

1. Dingli Cliffs:

A. Overview: Perched on the edge of Malta’s highest cliffs, the Dingli Cliffs offer an unobstructed view of the horizon, making it an ideal spot for storm watching.

B. Experience: As dark clouds gather overhead and waves crash against the rugged coastline below, visitors can feel the full force of nature’s power in this breathtaking setting.

2. Valletta Waterfront:

A. Overview: For those who prefer an urban setting, the Valletta Waterfront provides a dramatic backdrop for observing storms.

B. Experience: From the historic walls of Valletta, visitors can watch as lightning streaks across the sky and rain sweeps in over the Grand Harbour, creating a mesmerizing spectacle against the city’s iconic skyline.

3. Gozo Coastline:

A. Overview: Across the channel on the island of Gozo, the coastline offers countless opportunities for storm watching.

B. Experience: From the towering cliffs of Ta’ Cenc to the secluded bays of Ramla and San Blas, Gozo’s rugged landscape provides an ideal canvas for capturing the drama of nature in motion.

4. Marsaxlokk Harbour:

A. Overview: Marsaxlokk Harbour offers a unique perspective on stormy weather, with colorful fishing boats adding a splash of vibrancy to the scene.

B. Experience: As dark clouds loom overhead and waves crash against the rocky shoreline, visitors can witness the juxtaposition of Malta’s tranquil fishing villages with the raw power of the elements.

5. Comino Island:

A. Overview: For a more remote experience, head to Comino Island, where pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters provide a serene backdrop for storm watching.

B. Experience: Amidst the chaos of a storm, Comino offers a tranquil refuge, inviting visitors to connect with nature in its most dynamic form.

From the edge of the Dingli Cliffs to the shores of Comino Island, Malta offers a front-row seat to nature’s most spectacular show. Whether you seek adventure or simply wish to marvel at the raw power of the elements, these spots promise an unforgettable experience. So grab your camera, embrace the elements, and prepare to be awed by the breathtaking beauty of Malta’s stormy skies.


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